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We encourage you to get to know Salamanca, a city full of art, history and wisdom. Salamanca has been a World Heritage Site since 1988. With many places and historical buildings located in its historical center, the city allows you to visit them in a pleasant walking tour. We must highlight the Main Square, the two Cathedrals and the buildings of the famous University of Salamanca. The University of Salamanca, during its more than 800 years of existence, has taught and attracted brilliant thinkers and illustrious figures.

One of the warmest countries on the continent. It is the third country in the world natural areas designated Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Spanish gastronomy and out of our borders. Spain is a country totally devoted to sports. Especially We are, with no doubt, a country of traditions, pursuits and activities.

All of the above combines to make Salamanca a happy, emblematic, and lively city. The diversity of its students, tourists and the people of Salamanca, is one of its main qualities. This feature gives the city a vibrant, fresh and young atmosphere.

Our city is among the safest in Spain, it is full of academic dynamism and has an average size, which makes it the ideal place to learn Spanish and get to know Spanish culture.